Fit Inspiration

Sizing a swimsuit is hard! Check out friends of Naiad wearing our suits to see what size might fit you.

We're really excited that women with a variety of body shapes and sizes, including up to size DDD boobs, look and feel great in Naiad suits.

And two things we're still working on. We're still perfecting the fit for long torsos and an inclusive size range up to 3XL. If that's you, give us a month. We've got to be honest about where we're at today!

  • Tara (5'3", M)

  • Laura (5'6", XL)

  • Jinmi (5'4", XS), Laura (XL) & Robin (5'9", L)

  • Bre (5'5", L)

  • Talla (5'6", M) & Bre (5'5", L)

  • Kristin (5'4", S)

  • Barbara (5'4", L)

  • Patty (5'1", XS)

  • Julie (5'5", L)

  • Janna (5'7", S)