What our testers say

Let's celebrate and learn from each other. Here's what our fit testers and early customers are saying about Naiad.

Talla says ...

"I feel feminine. I could swim or play sports and sit by the pool. The bootie is good. There’s not too much coverage, and it could be cheeky if you want."

"I love the look and style, particularly of the Rogue, and the fabric is luxe!"


"Super flattering cut. No trouble putting the suit on and didn't really need to adjust the straps. I especially liked how it hit me at my leg/hip and chest. I felt secure right away like it was holding me in without being too tight.

I love the Sycan, period. It's really flattering for me and I like the adjustability so I can make sure it still fits well when wet. "


"The material is so soft! Loved the built in support.

Also, it fit well. I'm a person whose weight easily can go up and down. When i first put it on i was a little lighter. Then when i started testing i was a little heavier, still felt comfortable and confident."


"I trust you know your swimsuits and will make quality swimwear for all women."


"James got a bloody nose midswim and I had to get out with him and find gauze for his nose and I sat with him on the deck and walked around in front of people and felt really confident being out of the water in this suit."


"It hugs in all the right places and feels like a second skin. I like the lifting in the butt!"


"The side seam is unbelievable. I feel totally supported."


"I love the arms, open back. The smoothing tummy is great. Nothing is squishing out, it’s cute, comfortable and functional."