Meet Naiad

Hi, we’re Angie and Janna.

And we’re here to invite you - and all your friends - into the water. 

Naiad is all about the power and love of water. We want to help women be their best selves in, around and beside the water. And we know that a big barrier to feeling great is having a swimsuit that actually fits and looks great. Every woman deserves a chance to love the water, and Naiad swimsuits are that first little Cupid’s arrow. 

So to all you ladies out there: Naiad gives you the gift of a sportstyle swimsuit that allows you to feel confident – however you move and play in and out of the water. Naiads help you feel as stylish and supported as you do in your Summersalt and as sporty and strong as you do in your Speedo.

But most importantly, Naiads invite every woman into the water.

For us, Naiad is personal

We’ve been friends for 25 years, and swimming even longer. After meeting on Harvard’s swim team and spending countless hours in the water, we know water creates a powerful connection to life, to nature, to our bodies and to each other.  We have felt the struggle that is obtaining a well-fitting swimsuit for women. And we're here to fix it.

We know a great swimsuit isn’t everything…but it sure is something!